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A Mother of Two and
Grandmother in her 60's
Learn her Non-Impact
Aerobic Breathing Workout and Her Health and Beauty Program

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Within the Haines Collection you will find the tools you need to help make your dreams become reality.

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Steffi has lost over 60 pounds.
She is healthier and as you can see she looks many years younger.
She has maintained her weight and inch loss for well over 2 years.

This took place when she decided to add LifeLift to her life and make simple changes that she can live with for the rest of her life.

Here is her story:
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell everyone how wonderful LifeLift has worked in my life.
God Bless you

I lost all my weight by nurturing myself with healthy, healing LifeLift breathing. After years of struggling with my weight I feel as if I have been freed from a life sentence.

When I was younger I was very slim and weight loss was never a thought, but when I was in my 30's I had some Thyroid problems and I went from 120 lbs to over 190 lbs in less than a year that is when I began my years of struggling with weight loss.

I tried several diets and many different kinds of exercise but it was not until I added the LifeLift breathing to my efforts that I finally started to see the pounds and inches fall off.

I have found that the perfect combination for me is not fad diets, but to use common sense eating as it recommends with the LifeLift program combined with at least 20 minutes of LifeLift breathing every day.

My weight was up over 190 lbs and I had more extra chins than any woman would want to admit. Now I am down to less than 130 lbs and I feel fantastic.

Before I lost the weight I heard someone refer to me as the nice elderly woman on the corner and that combined with declining health problems was too much for me. Now I have a new Grandson and everyone tells me I look too young to be a Grandma. I know that all the oxygen that I am getting from doing the LifeLift breathing has given me far more benefits than I can count. One is the huge benefit of the weight and inch loss, but even more than that I have more energy than I have in years and I no longer feel twice my age after just a few months of adding LifeLift breathing to my life.

Since I started doing LifeLift I cannot even begin to tell of all the differences in myself and in my life. Everyone tells me I look great, but more important than that I feel younger and healthier than I did when I was young, I have renewed energy and actually enjoy my life more. One of the things LifeLift teaches is that the more relaxed you are the easier it is for your body to release toxins, fat and stress. Doing LifeLift is the most relaxing and nurturing workout I can imagine and the proof of what it teaches is in my results. Now instead of searching my closet for clothes to hide my body I am out shopping for new clothes and it feels so good to be able to wear attractive clothes and feel young again.

There are three important components to the LifeLift breathing program oxygen, water and not skipping meals. I have followed this with amazing results and because it is such a manageable way of life I feel confident that my days of yo-yo diets and hiding myself are over for me."

Look at Steffi above at over 190 and now at 130. She is still maintaining at 130 and looking great!

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The LifeLift Collection products to help you lift your life

Life Lift oxygen breathing video
Like all of you, I want to look and feel terrific at any age-. I want a program for my health and beauty that is really do-able.

I want love, peace, serenity, prosperity and happiness. I imagine you do too!

I have been fortunate enough to find the tools that have helped me to achieve many of my dreams and now I would like to share them with you.
I have seen wonderful things happen for thousands using these tools. This web site is not just about products, it is also about information to help you succeed.

Would you like to meet Rashelle right now?
Click here to view her upcoming TV AD
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Wanda has lost over 66 pounds.
Holly has lost over 70 pounds, without dieting.
Darlene has reduced her stress and increased her energy.

I would like you to become one of the next Life Lift success stories.
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Skin Care In the Haines Skin Care Collection you will find wonderful skin care products. After years of research I have brought you a skin care program that can make your skin look and feel like silk, whatever your age.

I have personally tested all of these products. I love them and I hope you will too

Keep your skin as healthy and fit as your body!

The Victory Theory includes six audio tapes taken from my six most successful seminars that I have been teaching for many years. They are meant to encourage, uplift and inspire you, to give you the tools to be the best you can be! Victory Theory positive affirmations cassettes

Are Your Kids Exercising?

This video is great for children of all ages, with any body type. All children need to learn to use their bodies better, they need to learn better ways to view the food they eat. This video addresses the importance of keeping the body fueled with healthy food, water and oxygen.

Rashelle Haines has successfully filled a gap in today's health care system. Oxygen Zoo provides a much needed therapy for our children. Most of the problems we have as adults stem from lack of proper training and utilization of the body's full potential. Not enough can be said as to the value of proper breathing exercises. I suggest to my patients that the whole family follow the video together.

Dr. Gregory Orcutt

Children's collection, oxygen zoo

As a physician, LifeLift has my highest recommendation! Anyone, and I mean anyone regardless of fitness level can do these videos. Even if one is physically unable to do the body positions, breathing can be done by all. There is an epidemic of obesity in this country especially among our children. It's alarming and dangerous because obesity has been shown to shorten one's lifespan and opens the door for a number of debilitating diseases. Every parent needs to purchase a copy of oxygen zoo. I love this tape!

Oxygen and deep aerobic breath work are the key to vibrant health, longevity, boosted energy level, strengthened immune system, heightened concentration and alertness, kills viruses and bacteria(I have not had a cold since I started LifeLift), calming effect, and eliminates harmful toxins and poisons in the body.

All of Rashelle's tapes are in my video library. I do them religiously. I am a size 10 again. My athletic performance at 38 is better than it was in my twenties. I no longer suffer from PMS. I recommend Life Lift to all my patients. Rashelle is a gift to humanity. Give yourself the gift of a better life with LifeLift.

Kathleen J. McDonald

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